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Class 5M Environmental Video Reports @ The Welsh Harp

Please watch our Video reports.

Why don’t you have a go and film your own ‘Nature’ report

about your local area?

The Hazel Coppice

About Oak Trees

The Ivy plants

The Bat Cave

Pond Life

Nettles & Brambles

Oak Trees at the Welsh Harp

Dead Trees and Woodpeckers

The Stag Beetle Habitat


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Class 5M goes on location at the Welsh Harp

Yesterday, we had a great visit to the Welsh Harp Environmental Centre. Class 5M brought their iPads so that we can film video reports on location in the woodlands.

Harry was our guide as we went on a walk and learnt facts about some of the interesting things you can discover in our local woodland. Each group had to make a video report at one location in the woods. We planned our scripts and practiced our presenting skills. Each group took the iPads on location and filmed a short video report. Make sure you watch our video repots. Why don’t you visit the Welsh Harp Environmental Centre, Birchen Grove London NW10……… will find many interesting mini beasts, plants, trees, fungi, birds and mammals.

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iPad Video Reports

We had a great morning with St Mary Magdalen’s school on Tuesday 20th September. Mr Cooley picked up the class in our CLC minibus.

Class 5M brought their school iPads to the CLC. First we investigated the CLC garden to see what plants and animals were living there.

The pupils were so excited to find a frog in the flower pot which was full of water. There was another frog that jumped into our wildlife pond as soon as it saw us. The frogs have lots of slugs and flies to eat in our wild life garden.

In groups and planned our video reports. We thought about camera angles, lighting and sound. We had some interesting ideas for our reports.Each group had a Director, iPad camera operator and a presenter.Next we went off to film in our groups. The iPads were really fun to use and easy to film. The presenters made lots of mistakes before they were happy with the recording. The camerea operators were finding it hard to stay still because there is so much to film. The directors made sure that the report got filmed in time.

Please have a look at the photo album to see all of the photos of us using the iPads.

Go to St Mary Magdalen’s Nature blog to see our Video reports. Enjoy…..Next week we are going to the Welsh Harp, so stay tuned for the next episode!!!!

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Welcome St Mary Magdalen’s Year 5

I am very excited that Year 5 are coming to the CLC to use their new iPads.

We will be learning how to make a video report about our environment, especially the plants that we have in our CLC garden.

Watch this space to see our video reports and find out how we got on using the iPads.

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Welsh Harp visit

Visiting the Welsh Harp

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Brent Nature Network New Blog for 2011

Welcome back to school everyone.

Over the summer holidays, there has been lots going on in the wildlife areas around our schools, gardens and parks in Brent.

With all the sunshine and showers, the plants have been well looked after by nature.

Brent Nature Network (BNN) is looking forward to another interesting and challenging year ahead.

BNN have all our webcams up and running and this year we will be working on creating a blog for all Brent children to read and find out what is happening with wildlife around Brent.

Please make sure you put our blog in your favouites and keep coming back to check our latest news.

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Photo Gallery

Investigating which creatures live under a log

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