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Oakington Manor Art in Nature Project begins

Class 4 JE got creative today with nature. They thought about Environmental Art, they explored Autumn leaves and acorns and seed heads, working in pairs they came up with some interesting designs. Finally they used the iPod Touches to take these photographs …enjoy.

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Environmental Art

Get outside and explore your environment. Autumn is a beautiful time of year with stunning colours and interesting things. The light is also changing and this creates interesting shapes. Don’t forget to take your camera, phone camera or a pencil and pad for sketching.

Here is some interesting Environmental Art, why don’t you have a go and create your own?

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Oakington Manor School Year 4 will be taking photographs

with the iPod Touch.

Watch out for our designs and photographs with our

Environmental Art Project

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Class 5S Video reports

Class 5S went on location to film their environmental video reports. We had a great day at the Welsh Harp Environmental Centre. Please make sure that your class comes and visits the WHEEC…There is lots to learn !
The Bat Cave

The Ivy plants

The Ivy plants in Polish

The Stag Beetle Habitat

The Oak Trees

The Bee Hives

The Dead Tree

About Woodpeckers

The Hazel Coppice

Brambles and Nettles

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Class 5S on location at the WHEEC

Class 5S had a great day today at the Welsh Harp Environmental Education Centre (WHEEC)


The sun was shining and we were ready to get exploring the woodland habitat and doing some research ready for our video reports. Harry took us around the woodland habitat and we asked loads of questions about the planst and animals that live in the woods at the Welsh Harp in Brent. Even a dead tree is useful in nature.

Mrs Noon was really keen to use the iPad and didn’t miss an opportunity to film everyone working, learning and having fun outdoors.

Each group went to a different location to film. They organised themselves as a team and got busy filming an environmental report. Click here to watch all our video reports.




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St Mary Magdalen’s Class 5S

Today Class 5S were exploring the garden at the CLC and seeing which plants they can find there.

We have been making some QR codes and they can be found around the garden. Class 5S found out that once they scan the QR code it took them to a video clip of that plant.
Class 5S were learning how to use the iPads to make Video Reports about the environment. They will use these skills tomorrow at the Welsh Harp when they go filming on location…… Make sure you read the blog to find out how we got on at the WHEEC.

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Class 5J Video Reports from the WHEEC

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Class 5J on location @ the Welsh Harp

Yesterday we had a brilliant day with Harry at the WHEEC ( Welsh Harp Environmental Centre). Here we are when we arrived

Harry took us on a woodland walk and we all took notes about the different location. There was so much to see and learn about. We discussed bees and why they are so important. We learnt that they are being attacked by a tiny mite and so number of bees are falling all aorund the world.

We learnt that Stag beetles too are dying out because their habitat is being destroyed and their life cycle is about 7 years from egg to adult. We leanrt about what happens to dying trees and how the Woodpecker can use the dying tree to make a hole and a nest, they can also find food in the bark. They peck holes in the bark and eat the beetle larva.

Once we had all our notes, we went off to the different locations to film a video report, this was good fun and we had to work as a team.

Watch out for the Stinging Nettles……

Once we had filmed our Nature reports, we brought the iPads back to Mr Cooley and he helped us to upload them to our Schools Private You Tube account.

In the afternoon, we took some binoculars and went bird watch by the side of the Welsh Harp reservoir. There were a few water birds there like Swans, Coots, Morhens and Grebes. Then it was time to catch the bus back to school. We all had a great day out. Don’t forget to watch out Video Reports. Make sure you and your class visit the Welsh Harp Environmental Centre.

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