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Oakington Manor Class 4RA visit the CLC

Class 4RA from Oakington Manor arrived in the minibus ready to take some photos. They had heard from the other Year 4 classes that there is lots to see in the CLC garden. The frog did not make an apperance but we did see some snails eggs under the flower pot. (Slugs and snails eggs look the same until they hatch, there was a large snail under the flower pot so we think they are snail eggs.)

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Then the class made some interesting designs with the acorns and leaves. We had just enough time for the children to download their own photos. Back at school they will be using a paint program to make changes to their photos. I can’t wait to see their artisitic creations. Remember to look at Oakington Manor Nature blog too.

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GPP Class 5K visit the WHEEC

Class 5K had a great day at the Welsh Harp Environmental Education Centre. They began by doing some hands on research. They walked through the woods and made notes about the locations they will be reporting from.

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Although it is damp and muddy in the woods, there was still lots to observe and think about. Autumn in an important time of year for all creatures. They need to get prepared for the harsh winter months, they need to find shelter and protection and a food source. Luckily it did not rain. Make sure you see the video reports. Click her to go to Class 5K Reports page.


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GPP Class 5V @ Queens Park CLC

Yesterday, class 5V came to the CLC at Queens Park to start their BNN activities. Using the iPod Touches, they explored that CLC garden and scanned the QR codes to find out more information on the plants that they found.

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They worked really well as teams to plan and practice making a video report.

When we looked at the Webcam on our bird feeder we discovered that we have a little ( well fed) mouse that comes to eat the bird seed. Class 5V knew quite alot of the birds that we find in Brent. They named Blue Tit, Sparrow, Crow, Magpie, Robin and Pigeon. Make sure you have a look at our live webcam links. You can see the fish in our pond and the bird feeder at the CLC.

Next week Class 5V will be reporting on location.


Oakington Manor Class 4MS visit the CLC

Although it was chilly today, the second half of Class 4MS were keen to get outside and explore the CLC garden.

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They used the iPod Touches to take some interesting photos of all the plants they could find. They spotted the dock plants seed heads and the Bull rushes in the fish pond. We found slug eggs under a rock and they found the last of the Raspberries. The frog did not appear today, we think he has found a cozy habitat in the log pile to hibernate. The fish were still active and swimming around up and down the pond. have a look at some of our photos. Next week check out Oakington Manor Nature Blog pages to see how the children change their photos using the paint program GIMP, back at school. We hope we ahve inspired you to get outside and explore all the nature around you at school and at home.


GPP Class 5K visit the CLC

Today Class 5K came to the CLC to explore the gardens and use the iPod Touches. They got busy straight away and looked at the Brent Nature Network Blog. It was really interesting to read about what all the other classes have been working on. They also watched some video reports from the other schools.

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Class 5K went exploring in the CLC garden and scanned the QR code labels to watch a video clip and find out more information. In groups they planned their reports and then went out to film their reports in the garden. They had great fun trying out the different roles of presenter, camera operator and director.


GPP Class 5E on location @ Welsh Harp

Class 5E got to the WHEEC early today and as usual were ready to work hard. The Welsh Harp expert Harry, reminded everyone how to keep safe in the woods and some of the dangers of Autumn, such as fungi and berries. Although fungi are very interesting, they can be poisonous, so it is ALWAYS better to NOT TOUCH them. Just look closely and take photographs and sketches. Harry has  books about fungi, so when he spots one he uses his books by looking at the shape and colour to find out the name.

After exploring in the woods Class 5E worked in their team to plan their report. The class remembered facts about what they had see which helped them to write their scripts. Lunch was urgently needed as they worked so hard all morning. Straight after lunch they groups went filming on location. Each group organised themselves taking on the role of presenter, camera operator and director. They had fun trying to record a good report.

 The class had a visit to the Welsh Harp reservoir to watch the birds that live around the Welsh Harp. They saw lots of swans and lots of coots. 

Harry told the class the legend of the one legged sailor……………………… Have you heard that legend? Is it true? What do you think?

Class 5E had a great day at the Welsh Harp and were looking forward to a nice cup of hot chocolate to warm them up. A big “Thank you” to the adults that helped too, we hope you enjoyed the Welsh Harp trip and that it was worth getting a bit chilly!

Please go to Gladstone Park Primary School page and look for Class 5E page to see all their video reports.

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Gladstone Park Primary @ QPCLC

Welcome to Gladstone Park Year 5 classes.

The sun was shining for class 5E today at the City Learning Centre Queens Park. The class quickly got themselves organised and went exploring in the garden. They used the iPod Touch to scan labels with QR codes. This played a little video and the children read the labels to get some information. Then it was time to plan their video reports. Each group chose a topic to report on and a location to make their film.

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Tomorrow Class 5E will be filming on location at the Welsh Harp Environmental Education Centre. Make sure you come back and see their video reports.


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