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The RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch

This weekend is the RSPB Bird Watching Weekend. Why don’t you join in and  go outside for an hour and do some bird watching? Record which birds you see and how many and then send your results to the RSPB.

Click on the photos to go to our live webcams, then choose Bird Feeder.


In the CLC garden we have a webcam on our bird feeder, so that we can all see which birds visit our garden. If you go to playback, you can choose another date and see which birds and other creatures come and eat at out bird feeder.

Visit the RSPB website to register for the big garden Bird watch

 Click on this logo to go to Wildlife Explorers to play some wildlife games. Have fun!!

I just found the RSPB blog, and as you know I love to blog, so please check it out and discover all the fantastic wildlife we have around us. Here is the link

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