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Brent Nature Network Art

Have a look this piece of art work produced for BNN. Using Photoshop and 4 images.

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Winter Wonderland


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Just when you thought there would be no snow…

It looks wonderful, but it makes it difficult for the local wildlife to find food. Don’t forget to leave something outside for the birds. Bread will do, but nuts & fruit are better

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Birds in my garden

Even the thick snow doesn’t stop the birds looking for food. Lucky me….I had a visit from a pair of Wood Peckers and a Goldfinch. There were lots of birds out at lunch time on Sunday. In my garden I spotted, Woodpeckers, Bluetits, Goldfinches, Magpies, Pigeons, Blackbirds, Robins and Seagulls. I don’t feed them because there are lots of cats in the gardens and they always try to catch the birds. Instead I have bushes that provide the birds with seeds and bugs to feed naturally. I hope you get to spot lots of different birds in your garden and the park. Maybe you can set up a bird feeder in your school playground to help birds survive the winter weather. Let BNN know how you get on by leaving us a comment. Happy Bird Spotting.

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Big Bird Watch Visitors

On Saturday, 28th we had 2 visitors to the bird table a robin and a pigeon. The recent cold weather means that the birds need some help finding food. These 2 are our regular visitors, and you can probably see them at times on the live webcam. Click here to go to the webcams.

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