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Bird Box News

As you know we have set up our nesting box and the webcam to see if we get any nesting birds. Well they have arrived!! and have got very busy building their nest. In just a short time this little bird ( probably the female has lined the nesting box with dried grasses and started to settle in. Have a look at these photos. Please have a look at our live webcams, choose the the playback and select the date and time and press play.

Please leave a comment if you spot anything interesting.

30th March 7am



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Signs of Spring

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 We have installed a camera in our bird box. Let’s hope we have a nest. You can monitor this by clicking the following link:, or use our website: Nature Network

Last year we had 6 chicks in the box. I wonder what will happen this year.

Look carefully at the pictures and you will see frogspawn in our top pond, and at least one parent. Let’s hear from you – how many tadpoles will we get?

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