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Salusbury Primary Class 4E

Brent Nature Networks activities have begun again for the summer term. Class 4E were the first class to come to the CLC. In the morning they used the iPod Touches to scan the QR codes and gather information about plants and animals that they can find in our garden. Then they went out to collect minibeasts and have a close look at them under the digital microscopes. They logged onto Fronter BNN and did some research about minibeasts. They used iPod Touches to take photos in the CLC garden. In the afternoon the class worked briliantly in teams and created a presentation to share with the rest of the class. They included their own photos, text and music. Take a look at their presentations on their Class page.

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A Closer look at the eggs

Here is a clearer shot of the eggs in our nesting box. This photo was taken when the bird had left the nesting box. We have noticed that one of the birds are spending more time on the eggs to keep them warm, the other bird pops back and brings food.

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We have eggs!

We are really excited that we have spotted at least 2 eggs in our nesting box. The birds are a pair of Blue Tits and as you know they have been building a nest in our bird box since the end of March. If you go to the live webcam at the CLC garden and click on the playback menu, you can see at what times the birds are busy. If you look on the time line it goes red when there is activity. Please leave a comment if you spot any more eggs……how exciting, Keep a look out on our blog and I will keep you updated.

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