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Gladstone Park Class 4JM

Today Class 4JM came to the CLC. They worked really well in their teams and quickly got busy doing some research about habitats and the minibeasts they might find. They went out to our wildlife garden and collected minibeasts and used the iPod Touces to take photos. They brought the creatures back into the classroom and looked at them under the microscopes. They were really amazing and they could see the creatures bodies, legs and antennae. They found snails and lots of slugs and they watched them move around by pumping fluid around their body.

In the afternnon they used the iPod Touches to create a Comic Book page using all their photos. Then it was presentations time. Please go to 4JM class page and watch their presentations they are FAB!!!

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Gladstone Park Class 4R

Class 4R visited the CLC today and worked really hard all day. The sun was shining and it was heating up as class 4R explored the CLC wildlife garden. They used iPod Touches to take photos of habitats and photos of the creatures that they discovered. We checked out the bird box live webcam we wondered if the last chick would fledge the nest today. It was very hot so it slept most of the day. Class 4R used their photos to create a Comic Strip page on the iPod Touch. Then they planned their presentatins and perfomed them to the rest of the class. Well done class 4R you produced a lot of work today. Please check out their class page under Gladstone Park Menu.

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Nearly ready to fledge the nest

Have a look at these latest photos, you can see that the feathers have now covered the body and the wing feathers are getting longer. The chick is climbing and jumping up towards the hole. In the next couple of days the chick will fledge the nest. At this time it is vunerable to preditors. Hopefully we can catch the chick leaving the nest on camera. Check out the live webcam.

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Gladstone Park Class 4M

Class 4M came to the CLC today to explore the garden and see what wildlife they can find. They used the iPod Touch to scan the QR codes and find out information about the minibeasts and plants. Then they did research on Fronter and gathered more information. They went out to the garden and had a minibeast hunt and took photos. After lunch the teams worked on their presentations. They used Comic Book App and imported their own photos to create a background page. Then it was show time! The teams presented their show to the rest of the class. Please look at our Class page to see our Comic Book backgrounds and our presentations.

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A solo chick

Unfortunately there is only one surviving chick in our nest. We are not sure why the other 5 chicks did not survive, have you got any ideas?

If you look closely you can see that the feathers are starting to grow on our chick. It has a very large mouth and is strong, that is why it survived.

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Salusbury Class 4H

Today 4H came to the CLC and joined in the BNN fun. They explored the CLC garden and scanned the QR codes to gather information about the minibeasts and plants. Then they did a minibeast hunt and took photos with the iPod Touches. They looked at the minibeasts under the digital microscopes. Unfortunately we found a dead froglet in the garden, so we had a really close look. They found lots of small creatures today, like an earwig, a beetle lava, a centipede, worms, woodlice, spiders and ants. The teams worked independently on their presentations. Please have a look on their class page.

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Survival of the fittest

Looking at the nest today, it seemas that there are only 2 surviving chicks.

I  have been using theplayback to try and find out what has happened to the other chicks. I have not seen any intruders, or the parent birds taking any chicks out. Unfortunately only the strongest chicks survive. You can see them climb on top of each other with their beaks wide open, then they have the best chance to get fed first.

Keep watching the live webcam and see if you can spot what the parents are feeding the chicks.

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