Malorees Juniors Class 3H

18 Jun

Today the sun was shining and the rain stayed away, which meant that Class 3H were able to go Stag Beetle hunting in the school orchard. Class 3H worked in pairs and used an iPad to take photos of the orchard habitats. We had an idea thet Stag Beetles had been spotted in the middle of the orchard. So we headed there and looked under the large rotting logs. To our delight we were treated to a show of female stag beetles. We carefully turned over a large log and saw about 5 female stag beetles. Then Mrs Heath turned over another log and spotted 7 female stag beetles. We were all excited and took some pohotos using the ipads. Once back in class we used the App Comic Book to create our own page about Stag Beetles. We have reported our sightings to PTES (people Trust for Endangered Species.) Please look out for Stag Beetles near you and protect their habitats.Well Done Class 3H.

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Posted by on June 18, 2012 in Learning with iPads


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