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Nearly ready to fledge the nest

Have a look at these latest photos, you can see that the feathers have now covered the body and the wing feathers are getting longer. The chick is climbing and jumping up towards the hole. In the next couple of days the chick will fledge the nest. At this time it is vunerable to preditors. Hopefully we can catch the chick leaving the nest on camera. Check out the live webcam.

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Posted by on May 21, 2012 in Birds


A solo chick

Unfortunately there is only one surviving chick in our nest. We are not sure why the other 5 chicks did not survive, have you got any ideas?

If you look closely you can see that the feathers are starting to grow on our chick. It has a very large mouth and is strong, that is why it survived.

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Survival of the fittest

Looking at the nest today, it seemas that there are only 2 surviving chicks.

I  have been using theplayback to try and find out what has happened to the other chicks. I have not seen any intruders, or the parent birds taking any chicks out. Unfortunately only the strongest chicks survive. You can see them climb on top of each other with their beaks wide open, then they have the best chance to get fed first.

Keep watching the live webcam and see if you can spot what the parents are feeding the chicks.

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Chicks Check

Today I have been watching the birdbox closely and wondering where all the chicks have gone. Yesterday 6 tiny chicks hatched, today I can spot 3 in the nest. Have a look at these photos and check on the bird box webcam. Have the other 3 chicks been pushed to the bottom of the nest? are they still alive?

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Use playback to try and help me find out what has happened in the nest so far.

i-Catcher Console – Live view – 3. Bird Box


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Welcome to the World

If you have been watching our bird box webcam, you will know that the eggs have hatched.

They began hatching on Thursday 3rd about 4.23pm and all 6 had hatched by Friday.

The camera is alittle out of focus but you can make out the little heads and beaks wide open.

The nest is deep and the female bird sits on top of the chicks to keep them warm.

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A Closer look at the eggs

Here is a clearer shot of the eggs in our nesting box. This photo was taken when the bird had left the nesting box. We have noticed that one of the birds are spending more time on the eggs to keep them warm, the other bird pops back and brings food.

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Posted by on April 23, 2012 in Birds


We have eggs!

We are really excited that we have spotted at least 2 eggs in our nesting box. The birds are a pair of Blue Tits and as you know they have been building a nest in our bird box since the end of March. If you go to the live webcam at the CLC garden and click on the playback menu, you can see at what times the birds are busy. If you look on the time line it goes red when there is activity. Please leave a comment if you spot any more eggs……how exciting, Keep a look out on our blog and I will keep you updated.

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Posted by on April 18, 2012 in Birds