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Gladstone Park Class 4M

Class 4M came to the CLC today to explore the garden and see what wildlife they can find. They used the iPod Touch to scan the QR codes and find out information about the minibeasts and plants. Then they did research on Fronter and gathered more information. They went out to the garden and had a minibeast hunt and took photos. After lunch the teams worked on their presentations. They used Comic Book App and imported their own photos to create a background page. Then it was show time! The teams presented their show to the rest of the class. Please look at our Class page to see our Comic Book backgrounds and our presentations.

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Salusbury Class 4H

Today 4H came to the CLC and joined in the BNN fun. They explored the CLC garden and scanned the QR codes to gather information about the minibeasts and plants. Then they did a minibeast hunt and took photos with the iPod Touches. They looked at the minibeasts under the digital microscopes. Unfortunately we found a dead froglet in the garden, so we had a really close look. They found lots of small creatures today, like an earwig, a beetle lava, a centipede, worms, woodlice, spiders and ants. The teams worked independently on their presentations. Please have a look on their class page.

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Salusbury Class 4B

Luckily Class 4B did not get rained on today at Queens Park CLC. They worked really hard in their teams, first they went outside to our wildlife garden and scanned QR tags to get some information and took some notes. Then they went minibeast hunting and looked at their finds under the microscopes. They also did research on minibeasts using Brent Nature Network shared area on Fronter. The teams took lots of photos using the iPod Touch and downloaded them. They used their photos to create prsentations. Please go to the Class4B page to watch them Class 4B worked really hard all day. Why don’t you go out exploring and see which creatures live in our local environment? Have fun and respect the creatures and their habitats.

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Salusbury Primary Class 4E

Brent Nature Networks activities have begun again for the summer term. Class 4E were the first class to come to the CLC. In the morning they used the iPod Touches to scan the QR codes and gather information about plants and animals that they can find in our garden. Then they went out to collect minibeasts and have a close look at them under the digital microscopes. They logged onto Fronter BNN and did some research about minibeasts. They used iPod Touches to take photos in the CLC garden. In the afternoon the class worked briliantly in teams and created a presentation to share with the rest of the class. They included their own photos, text and music. Take a look at their presentations on their Class page.

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GPP Class 5V @ Queens Park CLC

Yesterday, class 5V came to the CLC at Queens Park to start their BNN activities. Using the iPod Touches, they explored that CLC garden and scanned the QR codes to find out more information on the plants that they found.

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They worked really well as teams to plan and practice making a video report.

When we looked at the Webcam on our bird feeder we discovered that we have a little ( well fed) mouse that comes to eat the bird seed. Class 5V knew quite alot of the birds that we find in Brent. They named Blue Tit, Sparrow, Crow, Magpie, Robin and Pigeon. Make sure you have a look at our live webcam links. You can see the fish in our pond and the bird feeder at the CLC.

Next week Class 5V will be reporting on location.


GPP Class 5K visit the CLC

Today Class 5K came to the CLC to explore the gardens and use the iPod Touches. They got busy straight away and looked at the Brent Nature Network Blog. It was really interesting to read about what all the other classes have been working on. They also watched some video reports from the other schools.

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Class 5K went exploring in the CLC garden and scanned the QR code labels to watch a video clip and find out more information. In groups they planned their reports and then went out to film their reports in the garden. They had great fun trying out the different roles of presenter, camera operator and director.