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Harry talking about Bees

Harry talking 

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Bird Box News

As you know we have set up our nesting box and the webcam to see if we get any nesting birds. Well they have arrived!! and have got very busy building their nest. In just a short time this little bird ( probably the female has lined the nesting box with dried grasses and started to settle in. Have a look at these photos. Please have a look at our live webcams, choose the the playback and select the date and time and press play.

Please leave a comment if you spot anything interesting.

30th March 7am



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Winter Wonderland


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Just when you thought there would be no snow…

It looks wonderful, but it makes it difficult for the local wildlife to find food. Don’t forget to leave something outside for the birds. Bread will do, but nuts & fruit are better

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Oakington Manor Class 4MS @ QPCLC

Class 4MS were very creative today at the CLC. They took photographs in the CLC garden. There was lots to see because Autumn is an interesting time of year.

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We even saw a frog in the garden! It looked like it had been eating lots of slugs and snails because it was quite fat. We think the frog is getting ready to hibernate. Class 4MS were lucky to spot it because it was well camouphlaged amongst all the leaves. I wonder if it will make an appearance next week for the next group of 4MS ? 

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OM Class 4JE visit the CLC

Half of class 4JE came to the CLC on Monday 7th November.

They got busy straight away and went out into our garden to take photographs with the iPod Touch. In the classroom they used natural objects to create their own designs. Once they were happy with all their photographs, they downloaded them onto the computer. They had a good look at the photographs they had  taken. Back at school they will use a painting program to change them. I can’t wait to see their creative ideas.

Remember to look at the Environmental Art under Oakington Manor School page.

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Environmental Art

Get outside and explore your environment. Autumn is a beautiful time of year with stunning colours and interesting things. The light is also changing and this creates interesting shapes. Don’t forget to take your camera, phone camera or a pencil and pad for sketching.

Here is some interesting Environmental Art, why don’t you have a go and create your own?

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Oakington Manor School Year 4 will be taking photographs

with the iPod Touch.

Watch out for our designs and photographs with our

Environmental Art Project

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iPad Video Reports

We had a great morning with St Mary Magdalen’s school on Tuesday 20th September. Mr Cooley picked up the class in our CLC minibus.

Class 5M brought their school iPads to the CLC. First we investigated the CLC garden to see what plants and animals were living there.

The pupils were so excited to find a frog in the flower pot which was full of water. There was another frog that jumped into our wildlife pond as soon as it saw us. The frogs have lots of slugs and flies to eat in our wild life garden.

In groups and planned our video reports. We thought about camera angles, lighting and sound. We had some interesting ideas for our reports.Each group had a Director, iPad camera operator and a presenter.Next we went off to film in our groups. The iPads were really fun to use and easy to film. The presenters made lots of mistakes before they were happy with the recording. The camerea operators were finding it hard to stay still because there is so much to film. The directors made sure that the report got filmed in time.

Please have a look at the photo album to see all of the photos of us using the iPads.

Go to St Mary Magdalen’s Nature blog to see our Video reports. Enjoy…..Next week we are going to the Welsh Harp, so stay tuned for the next episode!!!!

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